It was back in 1989 when I fell in love with the Lakeland Terrier and this sturdy little breed has taken my heart in a storm.

I bought my first Lakeland in 1989 - "Fergie Ferst vom Gorkypark" - a beautiful bitch.
It was her breeder, who convinced me to try my luck, and present her in a dog show.
He probably knew how fast you get addicted to dog shows! Many more shows were to follow and Fergie soon became a multiple Champion. As she was such a beautiful dog,
I decided to breed some puppies. It was in 1992 when Fergie gave birth to four sweet little Lakeland puppies. For occupational reasons I did not keep any of the puppies.

But very little later, I took over my breeders three year old bitch "Gloria Grant vom Gorkypark". From then on I travelled all across Europe each and every weekend with the two dogs, presenting them on various dogs shows all over the continent. Gloria also became a multiple champion, gaining the difficult Italian champion title. The two dogs were the two most successful Austrian Lakeland Terriers back then, and as you can imagine, I was very fond of them.

After Fergie and Gloria I received „Kylie Lucya Calypso“ in 2007. I have been waiting for this dog for more than two years, but she was worth the wait. Perfectly trimmed and presented by her breeder, Ms. Claudia Kettling, she is once more the most successful Austrian Lakeland Terrier. In more than 50 dog shows, she has only received the rating „excellent“. In the meantime I have founded my own kennel, and Kylie had her first puppies in 2010.

I have been a member of the board of the Austrian Terrier Club for more than 10 years now, first being responsible for the organisation of the dog shows and currently holding the position of the secretary of the board. Together with the successful Skyeterrier breeder Otto Krcal have designed the Terrier Breed brochure, covering all breeds ministered by the Austrian Terrier Club. Besides being responsible for the monthly Terrier column in the Austrian Dog Magazine "UH", I design other publications for the Austrian Terrier Club. Through my work in the Austrian Terrier Club, as well as my countless visits to national and international dogs shows - including the famous Crufts Show in the United Kingdom - I have been able to gain comprehensive knowledge of the Lakeland Terrier. In parallel I have always kept close ties with other Lakeland Terrier breeders in Europe.

Currently I am working on a publication, reflecting the Lakeland breed in the light of the last 50 years. It is supposed to help prevent the Lakeland breed from changing in the wake of some fashionable trends, that have hit other breeds so hard in the past.
The Lakeland Terrier shall remain the same he was bred for in the past. A sturdy outdoor working dog, that - at least in theory - could hunt a fox down anytime. This includes strong, sturdy bones and muscles, double coat, full scissor bite, ears carried not too high, not too long a neck, no long small head, a back of average length, good angulation as well as a swift gait. This is how it should be now and in the future, this little feisty, prankish Lakeland Terrier. I for my part will do my best to keep it this way.







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